Danganronpa Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls (PSVITA)

Taking place in the time betweenDanganronpa 1 & 2theAnother Episodestory followsKomaru Naegi, the younger sister of the first game's protagonist, a year and a halfafter the "most awful, most tragic event in human history" took place. When forced to leave safety andflee for her life Komaruis given a megaphone gun to fight off her aggressors.

Komaru's megaphone fires 'Truth Bullets', which are pieces of programming code that inflict numerous different effects upon the target. You can make improvements to your gun and ammunition'sfirepower, ammo amount, and fire rate as well as adding modifications thatshockenemies and allow players to control a Monokuma for a limited amount of time. These upgrades do however require "Monokuma Medals"in order to be purchased, which are earned by defeating Monokumas. The microphone is not only your weapon but alsoyour primary method of interaction with the outside worldas itcan also be used to activate objects like a camera system or a car, and will most likely be essential when it comes tosolving in-game puzzles.

Toko Fukawa, who will behacking and slashing Monokumas as her alternate personality 'Genocide Jill',makes a return as the second protagonist and playable character!Danganronpa: Another Episodehasall kinds of incrediblymysterious (and creepy) characters like the Warriors of Hope and the Mokonuma kids, two groups of fanatic children who murder adults in the name of Monokuma without an ounce of remorse.The story is supplemented byillustrated events andwill also feature animated scenes handled byDanganronpa: The Animationdirector Seiji Kishi and studio Lerche.

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