Nintendo Dsill Portable Video Game Console - Natural White - Japanese Version (Only Plays Japanese Version Ds Games)

Product Description From Amazon Wide viewing angle, large screen Nintendo DSi LL screen type is 4.2. For those who want to enjoy the big screen, the DS, intact, a feature of the Nintendo DS cameras and music players, such as the Nintendo DSi menu was added to the lineup as the new big-screen DS. Screen is much wider viewing angle to make it easier to not only big screen, and family and friends gathered around the DS, also look at the next play. Similar to color variations to choose the color of the body, as the size variation, you can choose your choice of the size of the body. Two types of stylus In addition to the stylus that can be stored in the body, touch pen, two large, easy to hold stylus that comes with. Of course you can use in your preferences, when enjoyed in the living room, long stylus. When you go out you can be used for different applications that can be stored in the body and the stylus.

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