Fits Into Your Pocket 
As the name suggests, GPD Pocket is a nifty tablet meant to fit in your pocket so that you can carry any important file wherever you want. Or you can carry your weapon in your pocket as you can also run Linux on it…good to go for hackers!
Windows UMPC with Massive Storage
A pure UMPC (no gaming controls) contemplated in the second half of 2016, GPD Pocket is put together with the most impressive specs. Aside from the known 8GB  RAM and 128GB flash storage, it is expected to be  running Windows 10
Performance-Oriented CPU 
To summarize the GPD Pocket, it is powered by the top model of the latest Intel Atom 14nm stack. A quad-core processor, Atom x7-Z8750 features a base frequency of 1.6 GHz, a turbo frequency climbing up to a maximum of 2.56 GHz, and all of which is done within a 2 watt Scenario Design Power. 
Exquisite IPS Touch Display
GPD isn`t new to the market, and prior to Pocket, the GPD Win highlighted to GPD that some handheld game players are also the fans of PC games. An iconic 7 Inch Tablet with Gorilla Glass Touch Screen has thus come into being, offering a laptop which can be put into the pocket. 
Noticeably, the thin bezel enclosed the display keeps the overall size of the gadget to a minimum. Barely an inch of touch-pad can be found, but a Thinkpad-style pointing stick instead. This, Again will minimize the overall size of the device. 
1920*1080P FHD Resolution 
Touting a 1920*1080 resolution, GPD Pocket pixel density rocketed a record-setting 314.7 PPI, knocking out the Retina Display defined by Apple. In other words, with so many pixels packed closely together, a single pixel can hardly be recognized by bare eyes when the device stays a foot away.
Chiclet Style Qwerty Keyboard 
The overall dimensions of the device indicates that you get no chance to hammer away on a full-sized keyboard, but a chiclet style Qwerty one dotted with a trackball, exclusively serviceable for tweets, forum posts or some basic web browsing.
Two-pronged Scheme on Heat Dissipation
As we know, the original passive cooling scheme was abandoned in GPD Win to make way for internal Ball Bearing Fan - active cooling scheme. However, this is no longer the case in GPD Pocket which applies both the copper tube to conduct heat and the fan to dissipate it. 
Located right under the copper tube welding spot is the CPU that conducts heat to the copper tube. Heat dissipates from the copper tube air outlet when the fan blows. So what really rocks in this scheme except for dust-proof performance? That`s it - Heat Rejection !
Multi-Port & 7000mAh Battery
As can be seen from the images released by GPD, the GPD Pocket will be studded with USB Type-C, USB- A (USB3.0), mini HDMI, earphone jack and a micro SD slot for an extra 128GB storage extension. 
The mini PC will also sport a 7000mAh battery to provide a good-enough battery.

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